Seminar "Selection of composite materials ..."

3 maio

Seminar “Selection of composite materials …”

Dia 3 de maio, às 18h30, no edifício Machado Macedo da Atlântica, a Doutora Elcin Calado vai dar um seminário sobre materiais compósitos, aberto à comunidade em geral. 

Seminar Title: Selection of composite materials considering cost and environmental factors in the early phases of aircraft structure design


Improving the aircraft efficiency is becoming an important concern for the aircraft manufacturers due to rising fuel costs and increasing public awareness of the environmental concerns. Adding to this, the use of carbon fiber-reinforced composites is gaining importance since they have a significant weight advantage. Hence, this seminar presents a computer-aided material selection tool that informs the designer to select the most suitable composite material for the aircraft applications based on technical, economic and environmental performance over a product’s life-cycle in a multidisciplinary and multiobjective optimization scenario. Cost estimation model is based on two approaches: a process-based cost model (PBCM), developed to calculate the manufacturing cost; an integrated LCA/LCC model for the economic and environmental impact evaluation. Technical performance evaluation is done using Hypermesh-Optistruct® solver. A direct multi-search (DMS) methodology is used for the optimization framework. The PBCM model and the integrated LCA/LCC model are illustrated by a cargo aircraft elevator case study.


Brief description of CV:

Doctor Elcin Calado has a Ph.D. in Leaders for Technical Industries by MIT Portugal Program, a Master degree in Equipment Design (specialized area in Product Design) by University of Lisbon and a degree in Industrial Engineering by Istanbul Technical University. In the industry worked as Process Engineer in Vanpro Assentos (Joint venture of Faurecia – Johnson Controls) and in the last two years developed the professional activity in the Advanced Supplier Quality Department of Faurecia Interior Systems.


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