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The Degree in Nursing has a strong practical component and half of the total hours of the course corresponds to training in a workplace (clinical teaching in health care centers, hospitals, nursing homes and day care, schools among others. The other half include theoretical-practical classes and practical classes (ex: practical simulation in mannequins in basic life support, advanced life support or traumatology techniques) also includes tutorial supervision in research area to carry out the monograph at the end of the course.

Clinical teaching (clinical practice) begin in the first semester allowing our students the immediate contact with the nursing profession reality in the following areas:

·Communitarian Nursing
· Maternal Health, obstetrics and gynecological
·Young and Children’s Health
·Adults Health (medical and surgical specialties)
· Mental Health
·Elderly Health
·Emergencies and intensive care

The Degree in Nursing grants access to the Nursing Profession in any Health System organization. This is a course with a high employment rata, which allows mobility in national and international territory in public sectors (hospitals, health care centers, schools etc.) and in private (Hospitals, Clinics, Company’s among others) or as an independent professional.

By the end of the Degree an employment contract is guaranteed in the United Kingdom. Partnerships with Business groups that provide support the UK Nacional Health System.


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