Master in Management

In brief, the objectives of this course include:

1)Developing the knowledge and capacities of students to prepare them for complex and demanding

management tasks, including tasks that require them to integrate knowledge from various management areas;

2) Imparting an indepth training in terms of the most frequently used research methods and techniques in the

field of management;

3) Developing skills that will enable students to use the knowledge they have acquired to make decisions in an

environment of uncertainty, integrating multidisciplinary knowledge;

4) Raising awareness about the use of management decisions so as to consider the respective implications in

terms of social, ethical and environmental responsibilities;

5) Honing the student’s capacity for communication, both in terms of specialists in the area and nonspecialists;

6) Motivating students with regard

Graduates in Management, Economics, Marketing, Engineering, Information Technology and other related areas seeking to acquire and deepen knowledge and develop skills in management.

tuesday, wednesday and e thursday – from 18h30 to 22h30
20 hours

Tuition Fees:

Anual: 6.000€


School of Management Sciences, Health, IT &
Fábrica da Pólvora de Barcarena
2730-036 Barcarena


Telefone: 21 439 82 24 /25 /43


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