Master in Information Technology and Systems Management

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Briefly, the objectives of this course are as below: 1) Developing the knowledge and capacities of students to engage in activities inherent to planning, developing and operating information systems and technologies; 2) Transmite training to students in research methods and techniques in the area of information systems; 3) Training students to apply the knowledge they have acquired to take decisions in an environment of uncertainty and which entail integrating knowledge from various scientific areas, especially information sciences and corporate sciences; 4) Honing the student’s communications and negotiation skills, not just amongst specialists in the area but also amongst their peers and their business partners.

Graduates in Information Technology, Engineering, Management, and other related areas seeking to acquire and deepen knowledge and develop skills in SI management.

tuesday, wednesday and thursday – from 18h30 to 22h30 20 hours

Tuition Fees:

Anual: 6.000€

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