Master in Engineering and Management of Manufacturing Systems

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The 2nd cycle in Technology Management and Innovation aims to provide, through a scientific approach, an advanced, consistent and up to date training to create highly qualified professionals able to both solve problems related to practical applications in industrial environment and eventually follow a research career in this scientific field. Students should gain skills that will enable them to further use the knowledge learned autonomously, thus becoming valuable assets in the corporate and industrial organizations in their field. The MSc program also seeks to attract students from different academic backgrounds from other universities, Management and Engineering and working professionals in the aeronautics, automotive and construction fields, between others, who look forward to specialize in this field and further advance their careers.

Those who meet the following conditions may apply to the cycle of studies that leads to the master degree: – Holders of the Bachelor degree or legal equivalent; – Holders of a foreign academic degree conferred following a 1st cycle of studies organized according to the principles of the Bologna Process by a State that has subscribed this Process; – Holders of an academic, scientific or professional curriculum vitae that is recognized as attesting the capacity to carry out this cycle of studies by the Scientific Council of the course.

Tuition Fees:

Anual: 6.000€

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