Degree in Marketing and Business Communication

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The Degree in Marketing and Business Communication aims to build quality professionals in 3 knowledge areas: Marketing/ Communication and Manage­ ment. It’s the only course in the area of Lisbon that combines these three areas. It allows a deeper knowledge of Marketing Management and greater career opportunities. The intentions of this Degree is to build a strong practical component by promot­ ing constant sharing of experiences between teachers and students that will be useful for day to day operation of companies. The teachers have values for teaching and for being in great companies. In Universities it is not common for PhD teachers to have such relevant professional experience. This allows very practical and appropriate classes with the Business reality. By the end of the course the students will be able to think strategically and develop marketing plans and communication that are efficient and suitable no the new management tendencies. Also point out the pilot project of mentoring.

· Marketing Management · Advertising Agency Management · Internal Communication Management · Management of Public relations and Event organizations · Business communication Agencies Management · Business study market management · Sales management · Product manager · Client manager · Client support management · Marketing and/or Communication trainer · Marketing and/or Communication Consultant

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