Degree in Information Technology and Systems



The Degree in Systems and Information Technology is strongly focused in three parts: Technologies, programming and seminars. The technologies aspects and programming are traditional in computing degrees. On the other hand Seminars provide the opportunity for the students with the Degree in Systems and Information Technologies to gain knowledge on actual themes in areas such as internet, commerce and electronic government, computer network, Data base and intelligence Systems among others.

The study plan on Systems and Information Technology Degree is adopted to the international curriculum recommended by the ACM Association for Computing Machinery, one of the greatest professional associations in Systems and Information Technology Worldwide.

It is considered one of the areas with greater employment rate in Portugal.

· System Administrator
· Information System Analyst
· Analyst/Programmer
· Business I ntelligence Consultant
· Hardware/software Consultant
· Teacher in Information System area
· Computing area trainer
· Web Programmer
· Computer Technician
· Web Designer


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