Degree in Health Management

Health is the single major industry in the World and national health systems are the biggest employers in all developed nations.
The Degree in Health management is the first Graduate course created in Portugal and one of the first in Europe (in 2001) in this area of management specialization, being one of a few undergraduate courses developed to promote skills for health system’s organizational needs, healthcare industries and all the subsectors of health systems including elderly care, long term care, homecare, health insurance services, hospitals, diagnostics, eHealth solutions and services and consulting for the healthcare industry.
The education promoted, develops a diversity of skills geard towards specific health management contexts including strategic analysis and international trends in the health sector, health information systems, diagnostics, innovation management, pharmaceuticals and occupational health services, amongst others.
A distinguishing educational feature of this three year undergraduate course, is the adoption of Hands on Learning through practical internships in the diversity of the health industry sectors, including Clinics and Hospitals of innovative management, the pharmaceutical industry, primary health care services, clinical analysis laboratories, Health insurance, residential care, consultancy companies, long term care units, nursing homes and public entities under the health ministry.
It is also emphasized the balance between academic and executive views, the contact with international tendencies and the development and adoption of innovative health technologies in a systemic approach based on sound needs’ analysis. The course has a diverisity of national and international business and institutional partners to support the students’ integration and career development.

It must be emphasized the experience of over 10 years in national and international placement of graduates.

· Medical Information management
· Management of health consumables
· Hospital Health services Management consultancy
· Health care center Management consultancy
· Health insurance management
· Health care quality management
· Resident care services management
· Information and Statistics health’s management
· Clinical study management
· Specialized technician of Central and/or Regional Administration
· Health Technologies evaluation and management
· Analyst and consultant for the Health’s sector
· Teacher
· Professional trainer

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