Degree in Nutrition Science

Licenciatura - Curso de Ciências da Nutrição
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Nutrition Sciences is a current area with growing interest from the community in Portugal. The existence of a degree in the area of food and nutrition in Atlântica will contribute to the implementation of several national and international research projects. The scientific and pedagogical quality of teaching will allow students to achieve solid learning in this area of knowledge, preparing future nutrition professionals with technical and professional leadership skills, versatility and ability to work in multidisciplinary teams. The curricular structure was created taking into consideration the European and International context, as well as the Nutritionist Academic Training Reference, in order to ensure an offer and quality of education corresponding to that practiced in the best National and International Universities and to meet the technical and scientific requirements required by the order of nutritionists, reaching a level of excellence and quality. Thus, it is intended to train nutritionists with differentiating practical skills and ease of use of tools available in the nutrition area. If you want to study Nutrition, apply online now!

In the Degree in Nutrition Sciences students acquire core knowledge to practice the profession of nutritionist. Below are some career opportunities and areas of employability: Collective Food and Catering (eg Catering Companies, Advisory, Consulting and Auditing Services) Food and Nutrition Research (Research Centers, Universities and Polytechnics) Clinical Nutrition (Hospital and Health Centers) Health, Private Clinics, Pharmacies, Non-Profit Associations) Sports Nutrition and Supplementation (eg Sports Clubs, Gyms, Food Supplement and Functional Food Businesses) Community Nutrition and Public Health (e.g. City Halls, Public and Private Schools, Community Centers for Social Solidarity, Non-Governmental Organizations) Food Technology, Innovation and Marketing (e.g. Food Industry, development of new technological tools in the nutrition area, food trade companies, start-ups) Superior Health Technician – Nutrition Branch.

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