Degree in Aeronautic Engineering

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The high scientific and pedagogic quality of the teaching staff with solid knowledge in the engineering material areas, mechanics and aeronaut­ ics promotes a solid learning in this area of knowledge and the ability to solve problems in the many aspects of aeronautical engineering using new materials new technologies in innovative and primary products in the aerospace industry, creating future professionals that will prove technical and professional leadership, versatility and the ability to work in multidisciplinary teams. The curricular structure was created considering the European and international context in order to ensure educational quality corresponding to what is being practiced in the best national and international universities. This Degree was created in order to adapt the professional innovative areas that the county lacks and that are in accelerated development, such as education in new materials and new technologies, that are introduced in this course along with the basic knowledge needed in the aeronautics area, an extremely important area to respond to the industrial development needs of the Portuguese society.

There are many career opportunities and cover a large rank of activities such as: · Design and manufacture and aircraft operations · Maintenance of aeronautics · Management of the systems related to aircraft and their operations · Research and development in aeronautics area · Aeronautic industry · Environmental management and control services · Consulting laboratories for research and development

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