Degree in Accounting and Audit

Licenciatura em Contabilidade e Auditoria


Accounting and auditing currently occur as an essential tool to ensure the compliance interpretations of financial records as well as the reliability of their contents performing an indispensable role in the business globalization and in the security of applications by investors. Actually it is registered a strong demand in public and private business market of professionals with these skills The Degree in Accounting and Auditing aims to build qualified professionals in the areas of Account, Fiscal and Auditing that will assume great responsibilities int Accounting and Fiscal management areas in private companies, and in state companies and services or in companies in the account and fiscal Consulting Business and audit firms. This course meets the academic requirements for registration as a Chartered Accountant from Portugal.

·Certified Accountant (degree recognized by Ordem de Contabilistas certificados from Portugal) ·Accountant ·CFO ·Responsible for the Business Fiscal Management ·Company Manager ·Internal and external auditors (possibilty to obtain the certificate from Institute of Internal Auditing) ·Consultant in the Auditing and Accounting areas ·Controller · Public administration senior management ·Teacher

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