The BRIDGES project has several objectives that have already been achieved through the activities that have been developed since the beginning of the project until now.

There are already several intellectual activities developed, and concluded, directly related to the development and realization of the intellectual output 1 (IO1 – Review Paper on Context), namely:

– The EU Report based on the analysis, review and reflection of the various data carried out at national level by each of the 7 partner countries of the project;

This transnational report was the responsibility of the partner INEUROPA (Italy) and integrates the main data, conclusions and recommendations evidenced in the transversal analysis of the different scenarios and national realities, as well as its articulation with the framework of the EU itself.

This analysis allows an articulated assessment of the actual and existing training environments and teaching curricula, as well as specific suggestions and feedback on needs and gaps felt in terms of teaching methodologies, training content and technological tools involved in this field.

The report can be consulted from the following link: