The project’s objectives are:

a) to strengthen and reinforce via training and relative tools those key-factors involved directly or indirectly with the people with disabilities integration and the positive reflections on the issue of disability;


to create content resources towards the appropriate training of specific people, who will act as mentors, ‘intermediaries’ & ‘intercoachers’ for people with disabilities and their integration; to cultivate to them special knowledge and skills (as also to act as access-point), for example, the skills of career counseling, performance coaching, emotional intelligence & empathy building, behavior change and work culture, self-activation and symbolic work, sustainability & disability, knowledge of labor services provisions, expertise on the supported models of employment, etc, in parallel with labor mapping and contextualization skills for people with disabilities;

c) to take advantage of the opportunities offered by ICT and digitize the quality of the learning content;

d) to create and deliver innovative products and training tools- as learning resources tailored to the needs – based on differentiation methodologies and adult education approaches;

e) to promote public campaigns and initiatives on positive and respectful attitudes towards members with disabilities of community with targeted actions for market and labor key-players.